I am a political geographer, critical envrionmentalist, audiophile, and urbex currently living in Calgary, Alberta. I tend to collaborate with mission driven groups and work to bridge the gap between conservation and humanitarian organizations.

I am currently pursuing a MA in Geography at the University of Calgary. My research intersects urban conservation, community resilience, and smart cities. I’m interested in the textured ways people talk about nature and how this produces technologies which govern life in urban spaces. As a scholar activist, I aim to illuminate paths towards more just forms of resilience policy.

I am a research assistant for the Engaging Open Data Research project and a collaborator on the Alberta Non-Profit Data Strategy - Data Hub Task Group. I’m currently chair of the Sunnyside Brightening Committee, a community organization focusing on artistic and recreation enhancements to infrastructure in Calgary. I’m a multi-year volunteer with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, the American Red Cross International Services and have previously worked as a GIS Tech for The Nature Conservancy and a Stream Mapper for The US National Park Service.

Abandoned spaces fascinate me as do the unruly natures which often reclaim them. I like shooting film but can’t claim to be a photographer. I create, collect, absorb and share soundscapes. Find me in a noodle shop, on the street interviewing street performers, or fishing the Schuylkill navy yards. 

Contact: welkerpd@gmail.com
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Twitter: @welkerpd
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UER: krovvy
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- Map animation featured in a promotional video for Trail Day, a beer by Tröegs Brewery and The Nature Conservancy in support of conservation along the Kittatinny Ridge. 

- Map featured in the Spring insert of Nature Conservancy Magazine. -Pennsylvania, March 2019


- Map featured in Perry County Times (via pennlive.com) describing a Working Woodlands project by The Nature Conservancy. -Pennsylvania, August 2018


- My first go at using an animated map to tell a story in this promo video. I show how Cove Mountain Preserve is strategically located and important to protecting the full Kittatinny Ridge in Pennsylvania. My map is at 1:18. - Pennsylvania, 2018

- Referenced in the Mountain Express regarding previous work in water quality monitoring. -North Carolina, June 2018

- Environmental education data collection project featured in the Pennyslvania chapter’s insert of Nature Conservancy magazine. -PennsylvaniaWinter 2017


- Map and trail construction project featured in the Perry County Times. -Pennsylvania, June 2017


- Map featured in newsletter for the organization Ivy River Partners. -North Carolina, August 2016

- Environmental Instructor for Stream Cleanup (funny moment at 0:55). - North Carolina WOLS, June 2016

Full article
- Write up in Asheville Citizen Times for the Environmental Quality Institute (coordinated). -North Carolina, March 2016


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