I am a coordinator, organizer, and data-driven decision maker. My objective is to help create equitable and transformative systems by bridging 5+ years of climate, environmental, and data science experience with my commitment to building multisector partnerships. 

My areas of interest are natural climate solutions, green infrastructure, water, public engagement, and climate justice. I recently completed my M.A. Geography at the University of Calgary, where I researched stakeholder communication strategies to reach consensus on watershed resilience strategies.

I honed my analytical and communication skills as a Graduate Researcher for the Engaging Open Data Research project, improved data systems a GIS Technician for The Nature Conservancy, and charted unmapped streams for the US National Park Service

I bring people together to produce deliverables and advance towards shared goals. I managed 100+ volunteers as a Program Coordinator for the Environmental Quality Institute. I facilitated all operations, finances, and communications as Vice President of the Geography Graduate Student Association. I also chaired of the Sunnyside Brightening Committee, a community group that secured agreements with the City of Calgary for specific social-ecological enhancements to a major resilience infrastructure project.

Abandoned spaces fascinate me as do the unruly natures which often reclaim them. I like photography, play the drums and create music. Find me in a noodle shop, interviewing change-makers, or fishing the Willamette yards in Portland.

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2022/01 - I’ve officially finished my master’s program! In December I successfully defended my thesis Remaking Nature Through Public Participation in Resilient Calgary. Today all the paperwork signed, submitted, and approved! I’ll post again as soon as the full thesis is available to the public (university policy requires a month delay). For now, you can access the abstract using the link above. 
2021/10 - I presented a new paper Toward Intimate Data: Rethinking Digital, Social, and Political Relations with Dr. Ryan Burns and Dr. Anna Lauren Hoffmann. Great to be back in at the Society for Social Studies of Science Conference, this time in Toronto!
2021/06 - I presented my master’s thesis reserach Remaking Nature Through Public Participation in Resilient Calgary at the Canadian Association of Geographers Conferece in Prince George, BC. Great opportunity for feedback before I wrap up writing!
2021/04 - I won 1st place in a photography competition at the 2021 American Association of Geographers Conference in Seatte. I’m honored to participate with so many talented photographers! (You can also read about my corresponding paper presentation)
2020/10 - I presented Moral Economies of Open Data Platforms with Dr. Burns at the Association of Internet Reserachers in Dublin. I may not travel due to the pandemic but great exposure to international meetings!
2020/08 - I presented a new paper Moral Economies of Open Data Platforms with Dr. Ryan Burns at the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology in Prague.
2020/07 - New Sunnyside Brightening Committee project: Reimagining the Bow River Pathway. We mapped community member knowledge to develop a vision for the pathway as the City of Calgary prepares a major flood barrier redesign. Head over to the Conservaiton page for more.

2020/06 - Having a go at digital community organizing. I just started the Sunnyside Brightening Committee. Check out our Murals of Resilience project on the Conservaiton page for more. 

2020/04 - Just posted a term paper I had fun writing. It brings together critical race theory, smart cities, and science fiction! Read Representing Digital Others: Strategic Ambiguity and Digital Violence in Dee Rees’ Kill All Others on the Communications page.

2019/09 - My map animation was featured (at 0:25) in a promotional video for Trail Day, a beer by Tröegs Brewery and The Nature Conservancy in support of conservation along the Kittatinny Ridge. Read about a LightHawk Flyover project I did on the Kittatinny, too!

2019/03 - Map featured in the Spring insert of Nature Conservancy Magazine. 


2018/08 - Pennsylvania - Map featured in Perry County Times (via pennlive.com) describing a Working Woodlands project by The Nature Conservancy.

2018/04 - Pennsylvania - My first go at using an animated map to tell a story in this promo video. I show how Cove Mountain Preserve is strategically located and important to protecting the full Kittatinny Ridge in Pennsylvania. My map is at 1:18.

2018/06 - North Carolina -  Featured in the Mountain Express regarding previous work in water quality monitoring. 

2017/12 - Pennsylvania - My environmental education data collection project was featured in the insert of Nature Conservancy magazine.


2017/06 - Pennsylvania - Map and trail mapping and construction project featured in the Perry County Times. Read more about my trail mapping project.


2016/08 - North Carolina -  Map featured in newsletter for the organization Ivy River Partners.

2016/06 - North Carolina - Hilarious moment captured (at 0:55) on WOLS when I was a Environmental Instructor for Stream Cleanup.

Full article
2016/03 - North Carolina - Organized a write up in Asheville Citizen Times for the Environmental Quality Institute (coordinated).


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